Jaguar Mk II saloon

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Description: Auction Lot T136, Harrisburg, PA 2014. Matching numbers factory 3.8L engine. 4-speed transmission with overdrive. Finished in original colors. All original documents. Original jack, spare and tools. Delivered new to Princeton Playwright John O'Hara. Well optioned and highly original. JDHT certificate, original books, warranty booklet, tools and history since new

Throughout Jaguar’s sporting history, especially in the 1960’s, the word Saloon (or sedan) is hardly what comes to mind for most. Though it is in reality this body style and for Jaguar specifically, this type of car, a family style 4-door, that kept Jaguar present across the market ranges. But not without being sporting of course, which is primarily thanks to its DNA, which is shared with Jaguars sports cars and race cars of the period. The Jaguar MKII is perhaps the epitome of the 1960’s super sedan, a sort of BMW M5 of it’s day. The options were plentiful, and the car served a dual purpose as a grocery getter, but also as a spirited driver for the road and also, eventually, for the track as well. MKII buyers had the choice of a 3.4 or 3.8 Twin Cam engine from the E-Type, 4-Speed or Automatic, and Overdrive. Power steering came standard, but A/C was soon offered as was a sunroof, wire wheels, and some fantastic colors as well. The MKII ran its course from 1959 through 1967 before being replaced by the 240/340’s which were essentially the same car in many ways, but perhaps a little watered down. In total nearly 90,000 examples were produced in total ranging in a variety of options and colors.

The example on offer here, we know that Chassis # P220220DN, thanks to its JDHT Certificate was manufactured on January 22nd 1962 and shows to be the 1,220th example built. What is very rare and quite interesting however is that this example was fitted with the 95th 3.8L High compression engine (#LC1095-9) when new, which it still carries today. Out of the thousands of cars built, 1 in every 120 or so would receive a high compression 3.8L (-9 suffix) engine. Combing this factor with the highly desirable 4-Speed, mated to overdrive, and wire wheels this made for quite possibly the best possible combination. Finished in Opalescent Gunmetal over a Red interior, it not only performed to its best abilities, but it also looked the part as well in this stunning color combination. No doubt, this was about as good as it got in 1962 for a Jaguar Sedan, best colors, best options, period.

This example was later dispatched on February 6th, 1962 and was destined for Capitol Motors in New Jersey where it was sold new to well known Princeton Playwright John O’Hara. John O’Hara was certainly a man fitting of a Jaguar Motor Car. He was an accomplished writer, screenplay writer, was a runner up for the Nobel Prize, served as a reported in the Pacific Theatre and was overall a self made and very talented Man. Some of his works were considered a bit racy during their release in the 1930’s, but in reality it all plainly sums up a man fitting for ultimate sedan of his time, racy, contrasting, and full fledged. The MKII stayed with Mr. O’hara for about 5 years until it was traded in at Nassau Conover Motor Company of Princeton, NJ in November of 1967, only 3-years before O’Hara’s Death. It was soon sold to a Mr. John T. Bentley, of Lawrenceville, NJ who owned the car for only 2.5 years before it was for sale yet again.

In 1971 it was acquired by its third and most recent owner, a Mr. LaFrambroise of Trenton, NJ. At the time of acquisition the car had roughly 60,000 miles on it, and was its new owner’s main transportation. As an enthusiast of the Marque Mr. LaFrambroise was no stranger to Jaguar having owned nearly a dozen of the course of his lifetime. The MKII was driven daily, serviced, enjoyed and never stuffed away to be forgotten. By the late 1980’s the car was showing signs of age and so the car was sent in for a respray in the original color, and new seat covers to be added as well. The work was completed and the car was enjoyed once more. By the 1990’s the MKII was entering it’s time as a classic car, and so it was driven less often and resided in a collection of other Jaguars, but again, never languishing and always in order. Over the years the car was cared for by both its owner and under the services of “Jaguar Specialists” of Fallsington, PA. Services performed ranged from oil changes, total brake overhauls, clutch hydraulics to valve adjustments. But it seems the car has always been drama free and as a result remains matching numbers with the engine never removed and everything in tact as it has always been.

This is a prime example for an enthusiast who understands both originality and the ultimate combination of options/colors available from Jaguar in 1962, for a Sedan. With E-Type power, sophisticated looks, contrasting colors, and a plethora of go-fast and usable options, this MKII is sure to be the best option in any stable of sedans. Included in the sale is a JDHT Certificate, original books, warranty booklet, tools, jack, spare, and records/history from new until now. A great experience for very little money and a worthwhile investment.

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