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Description: Up for sale is another custom bobbed M35A2 built by C&C Equipment. We are the premier builder of custom 2.5 ton trucks and your 2.5 ton parts source. This truck is a 1969 model with a 1989

Up for sale is another custom bobbed M35A2 built by C&C Equipment. We are the premier builder of custom 2.5 ton trucks and your 2.5 ton parts source. This truck is a 1969 model with a 1989 government rebuild tag. It has 32,000 miles and 1165 hours on it. It started life as a 6x6 truck i picked up from down south, be bobbed it making it 3' shorter and installed a clean 9' M105 bed. We installed one rear axle back with leaf springs using all new hardware and new spring plates we cut out on our CNC plasma table. The truck has been completly redone, painted inside and out. Its a very clean presentable truck. we installed brand new front windshields in it. It has 90% or better 46" tall Michelin 15.5-R20 tires mounted on 2 piece bolt together wheels. I have these tires and wheels avaliable for your truck if you need them. The engine is the LDT-465-1d multi fuel that is clean and runs excellent. Behind that is a 5 speed spicer overdrive transmission. It has a 2 speed Rockwell transfer case with air shift for the 4x4. The rear drive shaft is all brand new, driving Rockwell axles with 6.72 gears. Top speed with the bigger tires is 65mph, cruise speed is about 60 mph. The truck runs and drives great down the road for a big truck.

We outfitted this truck with a custom true power steering setup that we are offering as a bolt on kit for any 2.5 ton M35A2 series with the multi fuel engine. It makes turning the truck a breeze you can turn the wheel with one finger stopped in place if you wanted.

Another option on this truck is the custom lower front grill with our logo. We cut this out on out New CNC plasma table. We can cut these or many other parts out for you like wheel centers, brackets, etc.

The whole truck cab and chassis were painted along with the bed separate and finished out in the current 3 color camo pattern. The body is very clean and straight on this truck. The soft top is new so it will last you for years to come. The truck has been painted top to bottom with over 4 gallons of paint. We take pride in building these trucks and it shows in our work. Our trucks tend to be nicer than most you will find out there. We pay attention to the details and spare no $ when redoing these. Check around I will be higher than most but you get what you pay for. Trust me, I get customers who try to save a few bucks and buy one from a guy who built one for the first time something you never want to do, and they come back to me buying parts to fix it and make it right spending money and time. I have built over 30 of these custom trucks like this including custom crew cabs, we cut no corners. If your looking for a nice truck ready to show and go and impress your friends here it is. I sell around 100 units each year so I know my way around these.

If you have any questions e-mail me or you can call 812-336-2894. Best time to reach us is from 8am 4:30pm during the week

Photogallery Kaiser M35A2 tanker:

Photographs Kaiser M35A2 tanker - sa1.1-themes
Photographs Kaiser M35A2 tanker - sa1.1-themes

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Photographs Kaiser M35A2 tanker - sa1.1-themes

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