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My neighbor sold their Kia Avella 2005 model B3 engine to me last July 2009 with a mileage of 196k. At first, I was having second thoughts about buying it, considering its mileage, but after doing a test drive, I decided to buy it since it was only 80k.

The aircon is okay, even during the middle of the day. During night time, I would turn on-off the thermostat coz it's really that cold.

The fuel consumption is 8-10km/liter city driving, depending on the traffic. On long drives its 14km/liter.

Ever since I bought the unit, I had repaired the alternator twice; each cost me 2,500. Next time I would buy surplus or reconditioning alternator to save cost and life span.

The engine is doing good, idling is good at 800rpm. I normally change gear at 1500rpm, but sometimes at 1800rpm from 3rd to fourth gear.

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