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The prototype of the Lada 110, known as the 300 series, was created in 1987 and optimized for aerodynamics in Zuffenhausen. Germany, in cooperation between AvtoVAZ and Porsche engineers. [ 1 ] The first photos of the new compact car were published in the popular monthly magazine Za Rulem in November 1990, [ 2 ] and the car itself was demonstrated at the AvtoVAZ Togliatti factory in 1991. Serial production was planned to start in the following year, but an economic crisis stalled the project and the first cars rolled off the assembly line only on June 27, 1995. [ 3 ] The Lada 110 featured a 1.6 litre engine producing approximately 90 hp (67 kW). Production began with 8 valve, and subsequently, 16 valve motors. Overall, the car weighed around 1050 kilos (2315 lb). It had electric windows, trip computer, power steering, and galvanized body panels. Fuel-injected models were equipped with electronic engine management system. [ 4 ] In early 2006, new taillights and a new dashboard were introduced.

In 2007, the Lada 110, 111 and 112 were largely restyled, modernised and relaunched as the Lada Priora .

The model has been a favorite target for styling, both artisanal and professional, especially the version with the five-door hatchback body (Lada-112). Various companies from Tolyatti also designed and offered different body kits: APAL company produced components for the Lada BIS 110 and 111, as did Tornado, Katran, and Grossmeyster; AKS company of Kurage, Autostyle company of Tomcat, and Motorica did so for the Lada 110M (which was included in the official catalogue of AvtoVAZ and considered a restyled version of the original car), Pit-Stop produced the Grand Rally and Rally Sport versions, and Arsenal-Auto built the Sprint. Super-Avto developed a version with a motor of 1.8 liters of its own design and an elongated version of the sedan VAZ-21108 Premier; it was included in the official catalogues of AvtoVAZ. The Motorica company produced the sporting VAZ-21106 version with a 135 PS (99 kW) Opel engine, altered rear wings, and extended wheel arches. Enterprise, together with AvtoVAZ, produced the Consul in 1999-2006, along with the four-wheel drive Tarzan-2 built on the basis of the station wagon Lada 111, with a raised body placed on a separate frame.

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