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Right, sad to say. The original – presentable Italian design when new – truly had some charm. And wasn’t as small as some tend to moan – today, there’s Suzukis, Minis, Micras, Ka-cars, … all such limited space needs is intelligent seat shaping to make it comfortable for taller, longer-legged folks, and to grant passangers not to roll to the side when passing narrow curves fast.

It was simply essential, sort of a humble, but at the same time almost somewhat elegant parody of what little kids from the 1950s on tended to draw as edgy right-angled standard passenger car shape.

A renewed – or reminding – car of that type should either use current inspirations. But perhaps quite courageously, watching the development of realistic, yet not too common lines in concept car designs.

Or it should be a subtle, truly dignified – and even improved(!) – redesign. Not just a short-lived past re-invention, like the (though somewhat pretty) Nissan Figaro or the nice ’round 2000 retro Thunderbird. But really inspired to last, like the Mustang, Charger or Camaro concepts, or the reborn Volkswagen Beetle. Or the Mini.

And avoid those optically heavy outside-diaper-like black aprons – that’s like sending sunnyboy out to a bmx bicycle competition, on dad’s 1970s folding bike, with training wheels added, the only guarantee even all the adults will laugh at him.

There’s obviously been done almost nothing to the passenger section, except replacing the rest of chrome (been reduced by and by during 25 years) with black rubber or polysomething, and adding (dia-per, dia-per!) protection strips to the doors. The face has been, like Robert stated, just uglified. only the upper part of the rear shows a tiny little bit of what might be something that one day can grow to sort of a slightly strange but almost special idea.

So, wipe off all the miscarried changes, take this little attempt, breed and feed or fertilize and water it, or start completely new (with the 1970s Fiat/Lada, or with an independent idea) – and afford a really good designer. Consider: this is, except years ago, some luxury sports concept car attempt with Mercedes-Benz (of no meaning for mass production), the very first step of a Russian car’s exterior into the 21st century, years after even China has arrived here.

If you just let it happen the way the pics show, history books will remember an embarassingly ugly flop.

But if you invest some wit, creativity and even money (modernistic or retro – THAT is still your choice and of little matter for the success), photos of the resulting new Lada on Red Square may become a (the very?) new global cult symbol of design.

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