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Description: Ten of the wildest Lamborghini concepts

The history of Lamborghini isn’t worth repeating here, because as members of the Fraternity of Internet Enthusiasts, you’ll know it verbatim. Ferrucio Lamborghini wants to outdo Enzo Ferrari, starts his own company, bedlam ensues.

An interesting angle however, arises near the very start. In 1967, and with a flood of orders for the new Miura swelling Lamborghini’s fledgling coffers, company founder Ferrucio enlisted the help of Nuccio Bertone and Marcello Gandini to come up with something extravagant.

It was called the ‘Marzal’, featured a transversely mounted six-pot engine, and some wheels. But it also featured gullwing doors with a significant amount of glassware. In short, it was excellent. So excellent, that Prince Rainier of Monaco – with Princess Grace by his side – would open the year’s Monte Carlo GP with it.

Of course, the ‘publicity’ in question is getting the Prince of Monaco to drive your new company’s concept car. But the Marzal certainly had its fair amount of ‘flair’.

Lamborghini has of course, gone on to become the master of ceremonies when it comes to concept cars, and with the announcement that the lovely ‘Concept S’ Gallardo is coming up for auction. it’s a fine time to revisit its most outlandish moments.

So, strap yourself down and enter the wild world of a Lamborghini designer’s mind. It’s a scary place…

1998, and months before Lamborghini’s ascent from the darkness and uncertainty of multiple ownership, comes this: the Lamborghini Pregunta. The denizens of the Paris Motor Show didn’t know what hit them.

It could also hit you in the face if you weren’t careful. It uses two ‘half-roofs’ made from transparent polycarbonate, features a combat-jet derived cockpit and uses the same paint as a Dassault Rafale jet fighter.

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