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Description: The Lamborghini Countach LP500S (1983); One of the most distinct and exotic cars ever produced in automotive history was the legendary Lamborghini Countach. With an insane ability to turn heads, there was no way to miss this car. Lamborghini has a knack for creating the most impactful designs, and that's a plus when trying to attract the

The sensational Lamborghini Countach was introduced at the 1971 Geneva Salon and wore styling by Bertone's Marcello Gandini. The production version would not become available for another two years with deliveries commencing in 1974. Mounted mid-ship and positioned longitudinally was Lamborghini's four-cam V12 engine. Designer Paolo Stanzani placed the five-speed gearbox ahead of the engine between the seats, and the differential – driven by a shaft passing through the sump – at the rear. In this configuration, the Countach was a better-balanced car than the legendary Miura supercar.

By the time production of the Countach began, it sported an improved spaceframe chassis and the 4.0-liter engine (the prototype had a 5.0-liter unit). The 375 horsepower engine was capable of carrying the aerodynamic supercar to a top speed of 170 mph.

The LP400S appeared in 1978, the first upgrade to the Countach since production began. Most of the changes were confined to the suspension and chassis. A rear aerofoil became available, and most customers selected this option.

The 'emissions friendly' LP500S became available in 1982. The 4754cc engine had an increase in torque, although no more power than before. The final development saw the engine enlarged to 5,167cc and new four-valves-per-cylinder heads adopted for the Countach Quattrovalvole in 1985.

This particular Countach LP 500S was sold new in Italy, and then shipped immediately to the United States. Gustavi Diaz Ordaz of Chicago took possession of the car on February 9th. The car was initially driven from Chicago to Houston and then McAllen and back to Houston, before being put into storage in a private garage. It was not used for the next three years until May 1986 when EPA/DOT releases were applied for and granted.

When the second owner took possession of the car in 1994, it had 5,675 kilometers on the odometer. Over the course of the next year, the car was sympathetically refurbished. Using factory code Glasurit paint, the car was repainted in its original scheme of Rosso Siviglia, and the mechanics were systematically gone through and either refurbished or replaced with factory new/old stock parts.

In 2003, the current owner acquired the car. Currently, the car has just 10,390 kilometers on its odometer. The engine is a 4754cc dual overhead cam unit that has six Weber carburetors and produces 375 horsepower. There is a five-speed manual transmission and 4-wheel disc brakes.

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