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A woman managed to videotape the events that led to her husband shooting her in the back in Chardon Township, Ohio. It wasn’t meant to end that way. All that Tony Molchak wanted to do was to bring his special needs child back to his ex-wife’s house.

The problems began when Tony Molchak, a global financial manager at Newport Tank Containers, went to his ex-wife’s house to drop off their daughter. Molchak ended up in a war of words with Gary Schussler, his ex-wife’s boyfriend, who had been drinking heavily before Molchak arrived. It was at this point that Shelley started filming.

The video captures the much-shorter Molchak standing toe-to-toe with Schussler as the two exchange words. Schussler points at Shelley, apparently offended by her filming. We don’t know what he said, but it was enough for Molchak to throw a right at Schussler’s head.

To Molchak’s obvious surprise, Schussler backs off from the punch, reaches his right hand behind his back, and pulls a revolver from a back holster. He then begins stalking Molchak who runs around a car.

Schussler eventually aims a kick at Shelley, causing the video camera to fly. In the same scuffle, Schussler somehow ended up dropping the loaded and cocked gun.

Suddenly, a gunshot sounds. Shelley starts screaming “Oww, Owwww! I got shot!” Shelley ended up in the hospital with a collapsed lung.

Schussler’s attorney, Michael Peterson, contends that Ohio’s Castle Doctrine means that Schussler was doing nothing more than standing his ground. “He did what he needed to do to protect himself,” Peterson said.

Molchak and his wife with their son. Molchak accidentally shot Shelley in the back, causing her to have a collapsed lung

However, because Schussler was drinking, Geauga County sheriff’s deputies arrested him and charged him with having weapons while intoxicated and with assault. Molchak was also charged with negligent assault against his own wife.

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Photographs MAN 26240 - sa7.1-themes

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