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Description: 1986 200SX 0 Stores Found. Lowest Price - $0.0

I purchased my Nissan 200SX Turbo in 2001 for $500 from among the rolling wrecks at a really seedy used car lot near Seattle. The car's body was in good shape, with no rust and the interior was still fairly well sealed. It did not leak. Mechanically, it was in rough shape and needed some TLC, but with the money I saved buying it so cheaply I was able to put it back into shape.

Basically, the 4 cylinder turbo found in the 200SX is a pretty solid engine that will go a long way if it has been treated right. Mine had been pretty well neglected and was in dire need of a tune up and an oil change when I bought it. The odometer showed 160,000 miles but the only real problem with the car was the turbo was dying - in fact it sounded like a siren when I bought it. Otherwise, the clutch and transmission were good and the engine was surprising strong. It wasn't even an oil burner.

Naturally, since my investment was so low, I abused this car as much as possible. I drove it at its limit virtually all the time. It was very peppy and handled surprisingly well. It was quite amazing in the corners and really stuck. Performance wise, this car was a gem and would make a very good drifter or street compact project.

The interior on these cars is pure 1980s. Digital LED dash boards were standard and what was surprisingly modern then looks surprisingly dated today. Still, I like the fact it seems so retro and it is a very effective readout. With the push of a couple of buttons you could check all the engine vitals and even switch it into metric mode - something you can't do too easily with an analog dash.

I've had a lot of compact sports cars, including a Turbo Shadow and a Twin Turbo Supra and I will say that my experience with the 200SX was a good one. It was not as fast as either of my other turbos, but it handled better than the Shadow. I think it was more fun than either (of course my investments in the others was higher) For the rock bottom prices these cars are selling at these days, the 200SX should be considered a serious project car capable of some good fun in the right hands. If I was looking to build a sport compact car today, the mid eighties 200SX would make my short list of possibilities.

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