Nissan 300 ZX Turbo

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Description: From out of the ashes, a phoenix missile.

Nissan should rename itself "the Phoenix Motor Corporation." Like the wondrous bird of ancient legend, the Japanese automaker has burned the weary persona of its past and arisen from the ashes bold, revitalized, and supremely competitive. Consider the sleek new 240SX, the rejuvenated Maxima, the daring Axxess minivan-all proof of Nissan's newfound talent and awareness. Or scan these pages and drink in the most convincing evidence of all: the breathtaking, all-new 300ZX.

This is not the flabby, disco-poseur's 300ZX of old. That tawdry beast is gone, laid to rest in a special graveyard reserved for stretch slacks, musk colognes, and slap-on chest hair. In its place is a car created by designers who understand design, engineers who grasp the needs and wants of enthusiasts, and-perhaps most important management with the guts and the savvy not to stand in the way of its creative corps. New from the ground up, the new 300ZX is, quite simply, one of the most alluring cars to appear on the U.S. market in years.

But that's obvious, isn't it? Let your eyes wander over the Z's sensuous form for a moment. The shape is lean, low, and provocative-and, unlike the previous edition, it's restrained and sophisticated. This is not a flashy, boy racer's strutmobile. Some viewers say the nose (which houses new flush headlights instead of the old model's pop-up units) looks heavy, and others find the overall shape derivative and unoriginal. But we aren't among the naysayers. The new 300ZX is stunning in the metal, a beautiful and exciting car that looks exotic without being quirky. That Nissan designed the car entirely in-house is further proof that it is a company with the resources and audacity to push bold programs into production.

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