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For the first time ever in the Nissan Z’s 37-year history, a high-performance NISMO 350Z is part of the extensive Z lineup. The new 2007 Nissan NISMO 350Z, which makes its North American debut at the 2007 New York International Auto Show, features an extensively developed list of unique equipment – including a special body package and improved handling equipment. This new model, the fifth in the 2007 350Z Coupe lineup, is available with a 6-speed manual transmission only. It goes on sale at Nissan dealers nationwide in July 2007.

To be considered even halfway decent, every car movie has to have its vehicular villain. Bullitt had the Dodge Charger, Death Proof had the Chevy Nova, and Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift… well, it had this fifth-generation Nissan Z. Complete with an extensive wide-body aero kit and menacing black-and-grey paint job, this thing comes packing real performance under the hood, which means all that wastegate flutter you hear ain’t just for show. This is the Drift King’s 350Z.

Universal pumped out 11 copies of the car for stunt duties, each bearing the same body kit and large, 19-inch wheels. Most were bought used in Japan and sent to California for modification and filming. However, only two were equipped with turbos, and luckily, both survived film production without getting blown up or stuffed into a wall.

And it’s a good thing too, because now they can be enjoyed outside the confines of the silver screen.

Updated 08/06/2015: This car just went up for sale through Cheshire Classic Cars here, making for one helluva Fast & Furious collectible. However, the future owner will have to be committed, as it’s priced at £149,995 – roughly $233,000 at current exchange rates. Yikes.

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