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It isn’t as hardcore as a Nissan GT-R. but it certainly is very sporty. The Nissan Z-cars have been around for a long time and the 2014 370Z is the latest iteration of a long line of Z-cars that have come and gone.

After constant churning of the rumor mill, the fate of the Nissan 370Z may have been finally answered. NISMO’s chief product specialist Hiroshi Tamura finally let the cat out of the bag: the 370Z is here to stay and more importantly, it’s going to have a successor in the future.

Tamara confirmed the fate of Nissan’s entry level sports car in a conversation with Motoring Australia. saying that Nissan isn’t prepared to let the 370Z die in the wake of its plan to expand the “Z” lineup and add a Z-badged SUV based off of the Nissan Gripz Concept, which made its debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. A lot of the whispers surrounding the 370Z’s future was tied into what Nissan planted to do with the Gripz. There were even rumors that the Japanese automaker was looking into giving the slot reserved to the 370Z to the production version of the Gripz in an effort to bolster its already expansive SUV range.

But fans of the 370Z can rest easy now that Tamara has confirmed that the 370Z will live on and will be produced separate of any plans Nissan has for the “Z” range. Nissan even has big plans for the Z, so says NISMO’s product planner. One such scenario he raised is the possibility of seeing the next 370Z and the production version of the Gripz share components with one another, thereby saving the company development costs.

As far as when the next generation 370Z will arrive, Tamara didn’t give a specific timetable, opting only to say that his team isn’t going to rush the development of the car. With the market for sports cars continuously evolving, the company needs to figure out what is and what isn’t going to work. Answers to those questions is going to take some time, so at the very least, the wait for the next-gen 370Z is going to take some time.

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