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Description: The new Nissan X-TRAIL may be best described as the same but different when compared to the outgoing model.

The new Nissan X-TRAIL may be best described as the same but different when compared to the outgoing model.

Although it has been re-styled, sits on a new chassis, is bigger in every direction and shares not one common body panel it still bears a strong resemblance to its predecessor.

Nissan claim feedback from their customers suggested there was a lot to like about the outgoing model, so the design team concentrated on improving the vehicle's versatility and lifting the overall quality rather than drastically change the looks.

Step inside the X-TRAIL however and the differences between the old and new become a lot more obvious.

The instrument cluster (speedometer, tachometer and fuel /temp gauges) once positioned in the centre of the dashboard assembly has been relocated to the more traditional space, behind the steering wheel.

A difference in the touch and feel surfaces that occupants are likely to contact, including door trims, arm rests are now finished with soft feel material

The increased versatility theme is centred largely around the rear of the X-TRAIL and comes via a reconfigured boot floor allowing for an increase in luggage area. By simply (no doubt not that easy) changing the exhaust system layout, the floor has been mounted much lower than the previous model, creating space for a false floor and a sliding drawer. The rear suspension struts have also been re-aligned and now stand more upright which creates more rear interior space.

Improvements in storage space are impressive. With the rear seats in place, the original vehicle had 410 litres of storage capacity up to the lower edge of the rear window.

Remove the false floor on the new model and a massive 603 litres is made available. When the rear seats are folded and the false floor is in position, a total of 1649 litres of space is created. If that's not enough, remove the false floor, fold the rear seats and you get a whopping 1773 litres of space. Suffice to say, there is heaps of storage and rear occupant room. Great if you're into mountain biking or similar and like to carry such gear inside rather than have it attached externally.

The design of the rear floor has also allowed a full size spare wheel to be used without compromising space and just as importantly, neatly tucked away under the false floor out of sight.

The standard version of the all-new X-TRAIL (ST), which comes with either a six-speed manual, or a Constant Variable Transmission (CVT) with manual override, is fairly basic.

For your $35395 (Manual) or $36,995 (CVT) you get an improved version of the outgoing models ALL MODE 4X4 system, 16inch wheels and cruise control. It's a shame such user friendly items such as steering wheel mounted audio controls cannot be fitted to the base model.

Move up to the mid spec ST-L and the gains are alloy wheels and the all-new electronically controlled four-wheel drive system called 'intelligent' ALL MODE 4X4i, Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control. Prices increase by $1500 for both Manual and CVT variants.

Toping out the range is the Ti which adds climate-control air conditioning, leather bound steering wheel, 17inch alloy wheels, six-stack in-dash MP3 CD player, power operated sun roof, front fog lights and is priced from $40,595 for the cloth upholstered CVT version. A Ti leather model is available and adds $2300 to the price.

The primary improvements that have led to the development of ALL MODE 4X4i are the inclusion of sensors for monitoring side, front and rear G forces, yaw rates and steering angles. All of which provide the ability for an electronic control unit to send power to the wheel with the most grip. This applies in normal road conditions to reduce under-steer and over-steer, as well as off-road. The system also works in tandem with the electronic stability control, traction control, anti lock brakes and electronic brake distribution.

ALL MODE 4X4i is operated via a two positioned, three-mode rotary knob situated behind the gear lever. It allows the driver to choose between front-wheel drive or fully automatic four-wheel drive. As much as 50 percent of the available torque can be sent to the rear wheels if required.

Off-road capability is enhanced by the ability to lock the system and ensure torque is split equally between both axles for ultimate grip. Automatic deactivation of the LOCK mode happens at speeds above 40KPH.

The 125kW 2.5 litre four cylinder petrol engine is a revised version of the outgoing model with minimal increases in power and torque. Much of the re-engineering of the engine seems to have come from weight reduction and refinements to improve fuel consumption. The claimed fuel consumption with the manual six-speed transmission is 9.5l/100 km while the CVT reduces this to 9.3l/100km.

Nissan has committed itself to the CVT technology in recent years mainly because of claimed benefits in fuel consumption. Certainly there is evidence to suggest this is correct however the reduction is relatively small and one needs to accept the way in which the CVT and engine operates together to buy into the technology totally. To Nissans credit they appear to have overcome the reliability problems that other manufacturers have experienced in recent years with this technology.

While the X-TRAIL disappoints with the lack of stability control across the entire range, passive safety is enhanced with the fitment of dual airbags, front side, full-length curtain airbags and active headrests on all models.

Certainly an improvement over the previous model and while some may see the front design as being a little 'square' one huge point of difference it has over most its competitors is you can actually see the front corners of the vehicle. Great for parking, or negotiating those tight spaces.

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Photographs Nissan AA-X - sa6.1-themes

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Photographs Nissan AA-X - auto5.borzii
Photographs Nissan AA-X - auto5.borzii

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