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Description: 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Convertible

90,000 miles at that time and in the next 10 years, I put another 55,000 miles on it. but now that I have a family, that's steadily decreased to about a 1,000 miles/year. although my kids love riding in it. On Sep 28th, 2014, it hit (1)75,000 miles. so it that rate, it will rollover in 2039. The Delta 88 Convertible is garaged and has stayed in pretty good shape and hasn't required much mechanical work (here's the maintenance log) although the gas gauge stopped working on me a few years ago and I found that out the "hard" way! There is no tripometer, so I now carefully write down the mileage when I fill it up.

As some people know, I'm a bit. uhhhh. "stubborn" (!) about putting up the convertible top, and in fact, am often asked if it has one or even works. The true answer is YES to both. but again, Alek is a bit stubborn and it hasn't been up in years. It's actually not bad in the weather as long as you are moving, since due to the airflow, all the water/snow/whatever goes behind you! ;-)

Some highlights/pictures of the Olds Convertible:
  • First big road trip for the Delta 88 was Seattle to San Antonio, Texas (via Denver) on my way to Air Force training. Ironically, the biggest breakdown the car has ever had was a semi-failure of the distributor cap in the first 200 miles after leaving Seattle with my Mom. Here is a picture in Denver with my grandparents
  • Driving over Colorado Mountain Passes. Rocky Mountain National Park with my future wife in 1996. and it has even seen some 14'er trailheads!)
  • Used as Wedding getaway car several times with security provided by the G-men
  • Golf Tournament Prize and wheels to the golf tourney
  • Hanging out in the driveway and with Little Dirk helping drive
  • Assisting with weapons testing in a 20 foot diameter shock tube - picture1 and picture 2
  • It is a great car to transport shade trees
  • Makes a great HulkMobile!
  • The Delta 88 is the Coldest Car, the Coolest Car, and the Longest Car around! ;-)
Some other misc. trivia/stories:
  • First day I bought it, 8 of us went crusing from McMahon Hall across the UW campus.
  • No ski rack required - just pop the skies in the back seat! ;-)
  • On its 10th year of ownership, I parked it at work and unknowlingly backed and buried the tailpipe in the grass behind the parking spot at work; the old potato in the tailpipe trick - ooops! I had to get a ride home from work that night since we hadn't figured it out, but the weather forecast was good, so I wasn't worried about it raining on it. Unfortunately, I had parked the car right in the path of a broken sprinkler head that sprayed a perfect fountain of water into the back seat. Suffice to say, my co-workers thought that was pretty funny when I showed up for work the next day as the Delta 88 Convertible was doing double duty as a bathtub! ;-)

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