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Fort Stockton, Monday, December 14, 1992 -- Powered by a production 4.0-liter Aurora V-8 engine, the Oldsmobile Aerotech engineering research vehicle broke 47 speed-endurance records held in the World, International, American and National categories. Since December 6, 1992, Aerotech has broken the 10,000 and 25,000 kilometer world speed-endurance records, formerly held by Mercedes Benz, as well as international, American and national records ranging from the 10 kilometer speed-endurance record to the 24-hour speed records. These records were accomplished by a dedicated team of Oldsmobile drivers piloting the Aerotech 24 hours a day for eight days.

These new records were established on the 7.712 mile track at the Fort Stockton Test Center in Fort Stockton, Texas. This event was sanctioned and recorded by the United States Auto Club (USAC) in association with the Automobile Competition Committee of the United States (ACCUS) and the world-governing body, the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

"This is a very proud moment in Oldsmobile's 95-year history," said Larry Lysons, Oldsmobile's chief engineer. "Breaking the 25,000 kilometer record is similar to running 31 consecutive Indy 500 races at approximately the same pace. This demonstration proves that Oldsmobile can and will continue to design, engineer and market quality and durability into our current and future products."

Although USAC, ACCUS and FIA rules allow unlimited modifications to engines in this particular event classification, Oldsmobile and GM Powertrain engineers were confident that the state-of-the-art Aurora V-8 would succeed in this endurance event without enhancements for durability. The only modifications made helped with engine installation in the Aerotech. Alternate production camshafts were used to boost the horsepower of the engine. The Aerotech is equipped with Michelin High-Performance XTG tires.

This same 32-valve, dual overhead cam, V-8 engine is teamed with an electronic 4T80-E 4-speed transaxle and is standard equipment in the Aurora, Oldsmobile's new luxury sedan.

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