Packard 110 touring sedan

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Walter. Hello Do you have any info on my problem. Yes it did chatter before the replacing of the clutch

If everything related to the clutch job was done correctly (pressure plate and flywheel true, etc.) bad motor mounts can cause the problem you're having. Everything is new and clean and you have a higher degree of friction than you had before. If the motor mounts are loose and spongy, you can have a condition where the engine is winding up from the torque and then bouncing.

One other thing, and I assume they did, when they rebuilt the pressure plate did they check the condition of the springs?

yes new springs in plate and clutch disc. I guess I,m going to replace engine and trans mounts just to be sure. I have seen an add for a chatter bar that attaches trans to cross member. have you heard of such a thing?

no. An oldtimer in R.I. did it. when he sent me the cluch and pressure plate there were new springs in clutch disc and pressure plate. also sent me extra cluch disc material for future use if needed

no. I saw an add in hemmings for it. Also flywheel was resurfaced and whole assm. balanced at a machine shop.

You shouldn't need the anti-chatter bar if everything is in proper order. I just sold a 1935 812 formal sedan for a customer right after Hershey. They're fantastic cars when everything is in order. Don't resort to that bar unless it's a last ditch effort. Since your clutch job didn't change the chatter condition, that's when you start looking for things beyond the work you performed, and motor mounts are the next logical step.

I think you are correct. That will be my next move. What is your thoughts on going to electronis ignition.I will be doing a lot of driving this summer and don't know if the points are as reliable. although I have had no problems. engine runs fine and starts right up.

I am anti-electronic ignition for the simple reason that for it to be repairable on the side of the road, you need to own a whole replacement electronic ignition kit. Just throw a second set of points in your trunk and you're good to go. Yes, technically electronic ignition kits (like PerTronix) are higher performance, but the myth in it being more reliable is because people drive around with worn out distributors and complain their points aren't performing properly. Since a PerTronix set-up has no moving parts, it doesn't care about wear in the distributor. If your distributor shaft has a lot of play in it, have it properly rebushed and reshafted before it swarms anyway, and just run points. They will give you tens of thousands of miles of reliable service.

OK Walter. Thank you. I will get new trans and motor mounts and go from there. Thank you Jim Van Sciver

Thanks Jim. Best of luck to you. Feel free to come back and request me should you have any other issues with your Packard. I'm always happy to help.

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