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Description: The Packard began it's life in the early 1890's when Ward Packard first got the idea to build a motor car. In 1903 the Packard Motor Car Company was formed. Also by 1909 James Ward Packard was

The Packard began it's life in the early 1890's when Ward Packard first got the idea to build a motor car. In 1903 the Packard Motor Car Company was formed.

Also by 1909 James Ward Packard was ready to retire and turn the presidency over to Henry Joy who had joined Packard in 1901 Under his direction the Packard company had grown to 6000 employees and their factory covered 33 acres of floor space. They continued to build high quality expensive cars.

The depression of the 1930's hurt Packard. By 1934 their production had dropped to below 7000 units per year from a high of more then 50,000 in 1928. Big multi cylinder cars were just not selling.

It was during this period that Packard decided to build a lower priced automobile and the 120 series was brought out. This move saved Packard for another 20 years.

In 1939 Packard stopped production of it's V 12 engine and would never again regain the prestige it once had.

In 1941 the new Clipper styling appeared in some Packard sedans and by 1942 the traditional Packard lines were almost completely gone.

The Packard stock holders got the short end of the deal. Upper management thought they could ride on the (former) prestige of Packard and have Stude. compete with Chevrolet. It didn't work and in two years the

Studebaker-Packard Corp. was facing insolvency. Creditors demanded they get rid of one of the two manufacturing plants. Unfortunately they chose to keep the Studebaker plant in South Bend Ind. and dump the Packard plant in Detroit. Management soon realised their plan was failing, but it was to late. The South Bend plant was not designed to handle cars as wide as the old Packards as was the old Detroit plant, so they couldn't go back and start production of big wide cars again. I've seen design plans for the "new Packards". If you've seen a late 50's early 60's Lincoln Continental (the one with the slanted head lights) or the infamous Edsel thats what they

Think about it! If you take the front of an Edsel an replace the "Horse collar" with a little grill shaped like a Clipper grill, you've got the Idea! I can't remember if Ford bought the plans or the design team went over to Ford after Packard folded. After the dismal sales of "Packardbakers"

Back in 1899 when the first motorized vehicles were starting to appear, a young engineer that had recently graduated from college was fascinated with the new motor cars and wanted desperately to be a part of that industry. He was especially impressed with a car that was winning many of the races conducted to advertise the car's power and technology.

Many times the cars would race against a horse to prove their endurance. The car this young engineer favored was the Winton automobile.

year 1900 on a flat bed train car. After cleaning up the dust and protective grease he took it for a test drive.

He felt that if he could inform Mr. Winton about these items that he would be offered a position in the Winton factory. Upon reading the letter, Mr. Winton did not care for the impudence of the young upstart engineer and immediately replied to him.

The letter that Mr. Winton sent to the young engineer is currently on file in the Smithsonian Institute.

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