Renault 19 Chamade TXE

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Description: Renault 19 Chamade TXE, body type: Sedan, doors: 4, power: 95 hp, transmissiom: Manual, fuel: Petrol, years of production: 1989 ‐ 1992

In 1989 Renault launched manufacture of cars type 19 Chamade. modification of 19 TXE Chamade and closed it in 1992. In this auto can sit 5 men including the driver, it has sedan body type with 4 doors, and length 4.3 meters, weight 1.1 tons.

«19 Chamade 19 TXE Chamade» auto with a 5-speed manual transmission is fitted to the front-wheels. This automobile can be accelerated for 10.7 seconds to 100 km/h, with a ceiling speed of 185 km/h, owing to a 4-cylinders petrol motor engine with a «multipoint injection system», which produce a maximum output of 95 horsepower at 5250 rpm.

Intermediate fuel consumption is 7.7 liters per 100 km. Fuel tank volume is 55 liters of petrol, what allow you to drive approximately 715 km unrefuelled.

The forward wheels of this car have ventilated disks brakes and fixed to the chassis by dint of suspension «MacPherson, independent, coil springs» and equipped anti-roll bar. Back wheels have drums brakes and fixed to the undercarriage using suspension «Transverse arms, independent, » and equipped anti-roll bar. Tires have the following measure - 175/70TR13.

Renault 19 Chamade is not tested for crash test Euro NCAP. This vehicle does not have passive and active safety.

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