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Description: Hi there,

You're looking at an original Saab 900 T16 Convertible, this was the top of the range model when new, with the 16 valve 175bhp engine, and a full leather interior.  This is 1987 car, from the second year of production, and one of only about 140 on the road in the UK now, according to  This is a true classic convertible of the 1980s, and a desirable car when new.

It's been owned by enthusiasts over the years, which can be seen in the service history.  I have a Saab service book with 13 stamps, to 97,000 miles.  I also have invoices totalling £3600 for servicing and maintenance work over the years.  The engine oil is clean, the car idles and pulls very well, and the clutch is light.

In addition to the above the Saab has recently benefited from a new good quality mohair hood, and in the last few years a decent quality repaint in its original shade of Cirrus white, in addition to the underside being completely undersealed.  I should say there are one or two imperfections to the paint - some bubbling on the nearside front wing (see photo), and also a scratch where the bonnet was misaligned, which has now been attended to.  Generally speaking though I think the the bodywork is excellent for the age of the car.

The car is now showing 174,000 miles on the odometer, and whilst it does present well, there is a little room for cosmetic improvement on the inside, also the bumpers are a little scuffed here and there.

I'm running the car on a 7 day auction, with low starting price and very reasonable reserve, so good luck!

You are more than happy to come and view the car, and if you do have any questions at all, then feel free to give me a call, on 07920 500091.

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