Saab 900 Turbo

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Description: After nine years of hard work, Aaron has reminded us not to forget the Swedish brand with his 1987 Saab 900 Turbo. Get all the details here in this month's issue of Eurotuner Magazine.

There aren't many automakers that can claim to be "Born from Jets". The slogan coined by Saab has been used to sell its cars to the world by marketing its aircraft heritage. And while US buyers don't really have the Saab brand on its high-performance radar, its engineers continued to produce sleek, sporty vehicles. Cars like the 250hp 9-3 Aero V6 Turbo made headlines since it was a relatively quick sedan with plenty of luxury and class. But the Saab lineup has never really 'taken off' in the US, so where did they go wrong? After all, most of its line-up featured turbocharged cars, and has done since '78. That makes them suitable for tuning, and there's a small band of enthusiastic US tuning shops ready to help you find big power.

Like a Christmas miracle, we can finally check off an entry on our et to-do list - find a Saab feature car. So we proudly introduce the first Saab to hit the pages of et in the magazine's history!

The proud owner is Aaron Elledge from Tacoma, WA. He has European cars in his blood but, unlike his friends, the 26 year-old didn't seek a ride with hundreds of tuning options or high social status. Instead, he looked strictly for performance. And for the money, he discovered Saab offered the best bang for the buck.

"I was turning 16 and started getting into cars," he began. "I thought turbo four-cylinder stuff was cool and was impressed with what was available."

The 900 Turbo Coupe and Cabrio sported intercooled turbochargers, so when Aaron turned 17, the high school student picked up a '87 900 Turbo Cabrio.

"My budget was around two-grand," Aaron told us. "It's what I made working part-time while in school. I figured I could get more power from a Saab than a Mk2 VW."

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