Saab 9000 CS 23 16v

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Description: Luftfilter Saab 9000 2.3 16v CSE Eco Power

For drivers who are looking for a 30-40 % higher air flow-rate* and a washable filter with a lifetime warranty the panel filter from Pipercross is the perfect replacement.

Developed as an OEM a Pipercross substitute filter replaces the factory fitted air filter element. The installation is very easy the old filter just gets replaced by the Pipercross air filter element and the engine can breathe freely.

When fine particles are caught in paper or cotton filters, the pressure drops with the time and cuts off the engines air supply which results in a serious loss of performance. Due to its deep foaming texture the Pipercross air filter allows a constant air flow.

With a Pipercross replacement filter the maintenance intervals are extended. Compared to a paper filter maintenance is two times less frequent and three times less frequent to a cotton filter (according to the research institue MIRA). The specifically developed foam allows to go without oil. Thus no re-oiling is needed after cleaning and there is less impact on the environment. The Pipercross replacement filters are just cleaned and reinstalled so you have no waste and lower maintenance expenses.

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