Saab 900i 16 Cabriolet

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If you are hunting for Saab 900i 16 Cabriolet Tyres then you will need to look for the appropriate sizes. On this model the original Front Tyre size is 205/55-R15 and the rear Tyre size is 205/55-R15 so before investing in a tyre, ensure that it is the appropriate size.

The Saab 900i 16 Cabriolet is a Front engined Cabrio that offers a in-line, 4-cyl 1985 ccm (120,51 cubic inches) engine with an extraordinary 127.80 PS (93,53 kW or 125,37 HP) at 6000 revs per minute and torque figures of 170.00 Nm (17,21 kgf-m or 124,77 ft.lbs) at 3000 revs per minute which is cooled using a Liquid Cooling System.

With the Saab 900i 16 Cabriolet weighing around 1295 kg (2840,73 pounds) it is most important to have a reliable braking system fitted for both performance and safety.

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  • The Saab 900i 16 Cabriolet has a power to weight ratio of 0.0987 PS/kg
  • The Passenger area inside the Saab 900i 16 Cabriolet is 4830 litres (1269,62 gallons)
  • The dimensions of the Saab 900i 16 Cabriolet are 1700 mm (66,57 inches) Wide, 1410 mm (55,22 inches) High and 1410 mm (55,22 inches) Long

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