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  • One of only 14 examples made
  • Benefitting from a very thorough restoration
  • Superb original color combination
  • Extremely elegant body

In 1955 Talbot-Lago presented their brand new T14 LS, meaning “Lago Sport”. Its beautiful lines ask for a lot of attention, even from the casual passerby who is not consious of the specialness of this model.

The excentric French design guides your eyes from front to back; from its radiator grille, via its fender vents, to the tail finns.

A detail as small as the panoramic rear window accentuates the distinctive lines. Notice the way in which the side windows open; sideways!

Its beauty is not only on the outside. The chassis is a very advanced tubular construction, usually only featured in race cars.

The Talbot Lago was always produced with a 4 cylinder engine but a change came with the introduction of the Talbot Lago America whereby the engine which was installed was a slightly modified version of the V8 from the BMW 507, and has a volume of 2.5 litres.

With these characteristics the car is a good competitor of the Aston Martin DB2, which is about 200 kg heavier.

After decades of right hand drive cars, Talbot-Lago finally applied left hand drive on their cars with the America model. Unfortunately, it did not have the success they had been waiting for; only twelve specimens of the BMW engined car were built.

Only 14 examples have been built and this example has to be 1 of the most impressive examples condition wise.

The car has been newly delivered in 1956 and it seems to a lady or gentlemen called Mr. or Mrs. Migliaccio.

When new the car was in the same color combination as it is now being Gris Laque Villemer with Cordial Beige interior.

At a certain period, the Talbot was owned by Mr. Pierre Corbeau who carried out a restoration which is absolutely unique.

An impressive restoration file confirms the feeling which this car gave to us when we bought her. The car has been absolutely extremely impressive restored.

Old pictures are available and on these pictures one can see that the original exterior and interior colors are back on the car.

The restoration pictures show the enormous amount of effort which has been put in this restoration. Every single screw seems to be taken out of the car.

When we saw the first time this specific example from underneath it was immediately clear that this restoration has been done very thoroughly.

In 2012 the Talbot came to Holland after a long research to find an original V8 Talbot Lago T14. The car was since then in a collection and driven once in a while.

We do not want to start to talk immediately about the condition of the exterior of the Talbot Lago as the condition is off-course rather important but the lining of this car is much more important.

The car is full of details and it is not surprising that the Talbot Lago T 14 LS was twice the price of a Jaguar XK 120 when it was new and the Talbot Lago America was off-course much more important.

Just the looks are absolutely amazing and if one takes a look how these cars are built, it becomes clear that the brand preferred to make high quality cars instead of quick production / simple cars.

The paint job has been carried out very well and all the doors are closing properly with straight linings.

During the restoration, Mr. Corbeau keep an eye on the originality and therefore the Talbot is exactly resprayed as it was when she was new which means that the silver is not too shiny.

During the restoration, the former owner choose for an brown/beige interior which combines absolutely fantastic with the exterior.

Amongst the quality of the interior, the details need a small description as this car is actually very dangerous to drive.

It is almost impossible to keep you eyes on the road as the meters and knobs/buttons are all so nice.

The dashboard seems to be simple but less is more and the design of this dashboard is absolutely stunning.

The engine compartment is correct and extremely nice restored. One can see immediately that the restoration job was also on the technical aspect very well done.

Personally we always like it if the electricity system is properly done because very often the wiring is a mess in a classic car.

The engine is showing the correct number which should match since new with the chassis (according to the buildsheet).

The trunk appears to be original and is also fully restored. Also in the spare wheel box, the Talbot looks extremely nice.

When the key of the Talbot Lago is turned, the engine starts easily and it become immediately clear that this car is a wolf in sheep-clothes.

When the gas pedal is pushed, the sound is absolutely amazing. The handling is also very nice although one can feel that it is not a superb configured car.

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