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So I put in uprated suspension, Recaro seats, 2.4 engine from a Frontera, 5 speed box from a Manta, Manta 1.6 rear axle, HS wheels, Kadett GTE clocks, Kadett GTE engine mounts, Racetech gauges, polybushed quickrack, Manta steering wheel, and loads and loads more stuff.

My Chevette has been in the family from new, and has lived outside all its life, but has not covered any more than 900 miles a year, so here is a run down of things I have had to do.

Six years old, some welding needed doing under front passenger wheel arch, and the following year, the same under the driver's side.

At 10 years, the bottom of front wings was starting to bubble a little, and around the front valance etc; got worse as time went on, but note that there were no mechanical problems at all.

In 2006 I stripped the car, and rebuilt the bodywork and gave it a respray. I love this little car; it handles well and is fun to drive.

All round vision knocks spots off modern cars, and the turning circle would give a London taxi a run for its money.

Mechanically it's very simple and brilliant to work on. The only improvement I have made in the last thirty years is converting her to electronic ignition; other than that, I have kept her as standard.

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Photographs Vauxhall Chevette 13GL - sa1.1-themes
Photographs Vauxhall Chevette 13GL - sa1.1-themes

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Photographs Vauxhall Chevette 13GL - sa2.1-themes

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