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With the bulk of the design, development and testing of the F Type Victor being assigned to General Motors and Fisher Body in the US, Vauxhall were able to concentrate fully on the replacement for the 6 cylinder E Type Velox and Cresta models – the 4 cylinder Wyvern would be covered by the upcoming F Type.

Due to the huge investment and stakes being so high for the planned expansion of Vauxhall’s facilities and product offerings, and as happened with the F Type, the final signing off for the new PA models would be subject to a high level visit to Luton by GM top brass. In addition, and again because of the high stakes involved, the GM Design studios in Detroit were also assigned to offer some variations on the design paramaters that had been laid down by Jones' team at Luton. These all included as per design policy in Detroit the panoramic windscreen but also included line drawing of two different wheelbase lengths, 105 & 108inch. The process went as far as building seating bucks as well as alternative front & rear facia designs. As can be seen from the exclusive pictures the front end design from 1955 was similar to the grille design introduced for the 1960 model year. The vist by Curtis took place on 14 October 1955 and was also attended by Vice President Fred Donner, a man who would succeed Curtis when he retired. A lavish display was arranged by David Jones and his team the centrepiece of which was a full size model of a new 6 cylinder car featuring the panoramic windscreen already signed off for the Victor. This feature looked far more at home on the longer, lower and wider car which itself was free from the over the top embellishment foisted on the F Type and is generally acknowledged as one of the best designs on which David was involved with.

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