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Buy one of the ZIL-131 classical soviet army lorries now offered by MORTAR INVESTMENTS. Original or rebuilt.

Now on sale . A very nice, newly repaired ZIL-131 in a fully working order, little driven. Price: EUR 4.000.

It is ready for transport. Having stayed the whole time in a garage ,the vehicle has never been to a terrain. No rost at all. This one is a great vehicle to be rebulit into a camping vehicle or military shows. A complete soviet original, great driving properties.

History : The zil-131 is a military brother of the more civil zil-130 and a concurrent contemporary of the GAZ -66 and of the Ural-375D produced between the from 1967 to 1991 by the Moscow car plant. The vehicle is not simply merited for its simplicity and go-through capabilities but notably for its aptness to function in both tropical and extreme winter conditions raging from - 40В°C to +55В°C.

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ZIL 131
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